What Is Amazon Mechanical Turk And How Can You Make Money Using It?

What Is Amazon Mechanical Turk And How Can You Make Money Using It?

There are a few ways you can make extra money online in your spare time. One such way is through Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Owned by Amazon, Mechanical Turk is a micro job site. The site Mturk.com features thousands of tasks called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) on its pages. These tasks vary from easy to more complex and the payment for performing these also varies from a few cents up to even tens of dollars. The less complicated tasks could include writing a number paragraphs on a given topic, taking surveys or leaving comments on a given forum. The more advanced ones might call for some web design or writing thorough reports or be performing some market research. There are additionally audio transcribing tasks that could bring a person a few bucks for transcribing audio clips 5-10 minutes in length into text.

Mturk is actually a fantastic way to prepare for more specialty online jobs. Once you begin writing a variety of 100 to 300-word articles or blog posts here, you will gain the ability as well as the confidence to accept more substantial freelance writing projects on websites such as ODesk,  and Elance.

Once you get the concept of audio transcribing and come to be relatively accurate as well as fast enough, you’ll be able to ultimately proceed to full-time legal or medical transcribing which happens to be high paying industries. You will need to get trained in these specific fields, but Mechanical Turk will provide you with an excellent start using simple tasks.

In just a couple of hours or days, your tasks are reviewed and your payment is paid in your Mturk account. The secret to success is to search for higher paying tasks, that for instance, you make a couple of bucks for a survey which takes just a few minutes. Or writing a four hundred word article on travel in Europe which earns you three or more dollars.  Even if you’re unfamiliar with the subject, it’s easy to research online and come up with a relatively decent as well as informative article.  That’s exactly what countless journalists, as well as media authors, are doing these days.

Mturk payments are available, by check or can be sent to your bank account, you can also use the cash in the account to shop for products from Amazon.com.

Mturk is a great way to get yourself started on thousands of simple tasks as well as prepare for greater things in the future.

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