How The Rich Get Rich And Why The Poor Stay Poor

The rich always get richer and the poor remain poor and sometimes get poorer. This is a social phenomenon that had a lot of criticism and has even been labeled a social evil. However, people still cross the social divide, from poverty to wealth and riches every day while others languish in abject poverty.

When the issue is put under the microscope, you will find some distinct differences between how the rich and the poor handle their issues.

The difference is inherently coded in their character and personality and is seen in how they talk and handle different situations. Here are a few things that tear the two apart.


The attitude that rich people and poor people have towards things is distinctively different. Most surveys articulate the fact that most people who are rich have an attitude that pushes them to get what they want. They do not rely on charity or chance to attain wealth when there is no opportunity they make opportunities. Surveys also show that most poor people will wait for opportunities to find them and rely on chance.


Rich people are highly motivated to be productive. They do not confine themselves in their comfort zones but put themselves out there looking for new grounds to conquer. They always set goals and push themselves to attain their goals. Poor people as it has been frequently documented, they like to hang on to where they are comfortable. They shun away from challenges and wallow in complacency.

Smart spending

While most people may attribute their wealth to the way they spend their money, money others would attribute their lack of wealth to the way they spend. The culture of saving money is one that rich people or people who want to be rich should subscribe to.