How To Make Money Through Amazon Associates

How To Make Money Through Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program which is run by the world’s leading online retail company It essentially operates similar to any other affiliate program; the major difference is the commission that’s paid.

For those who are not familiar with this concept it’s simple; you lead potential customers to the Amazon website through a link on your blog or website, i.e. a customer clicks the link and is led to If the customer buys an item from Amazon you get paid a percentage of the cost of the item (4 – 8%). The most expensive the item the more you get. The program has been running for quite a number of years.

All you need to get started, the most basic thing you need is a blog or personal website which has content that leads readers to Amazon. If you have intriguing content and you’re content is search engine optimized you have higher chances of people visiting your site and hence a higher likelihood that people will visit Amazon because of your page.

There are affiliate programs that pay higher percentages than Amazon but following are some reasons why you should use Amazon.

High pay-off on high cost items: While 4% might be a small amount for an item that costs $10, it’s a significant amount for an item that costs more like a digital camera or TV. So there’s potential to make a lot of money.

Amazon is trusted: Amazon has been in operation for a long time and is a trusted brand. It’s a safe option and poses little risk and low likelihood of you being cheated out of your share of commission.

Holiday season can bring in high returns: Christmas time on Amazon has a high potential of bringing loads of cash

Easy Integration: Amazon has some very good tools which make integrating it into your website easy and almost effortless.

Wide variety of products: Due to the wide variety of products that Amazon has it has the potential to attract a wide variety of people hence potentially providing a bigger revenue bucket.

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