What Are Some Examples Of Passive Income?

What Are Some Examples Of Passive Income?

Passive income is money that you receive on a regular basis without putting in too much effort. It does however require an initial setup period. Once the setup is complete there’s normally not much need to make changes. There are several examples of passive income, some of which are shared below.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is whereby you market another organization’s products on its behalf. This often accomplished by creating a site or blog which has links to the organization’s products. When a visitor clicks the links or buys a product from the organization’s store you get paid a commission. There’s need for you to the initial setup of the website, but once it’s in place you don’t have to do much to make money.

Monetizing YouTube videos

You can monetize your videos on YouTube. An advert will often be played at the beginning, end or in the middle of a video you monetize and you get paid every time someone watches it. The initials setup is in uploading and monetizing the video. After that you make money passive income whenever someone it which could literally be while you sleep.

Downloadable products

You can setup a site that sells certain products e.g. eBooks. A site visitor has to pay a fee to download those eBooks. You only have to setup the initial website and appropriate payment system such as PayPal. Once that’s done people can visit your site, make a payment and download the content without any need for your intervention.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most profitable forms of passive income. You can rent out property and get paid a monthly fee without having to break a sweat.

Advertising online

You can charge for ad space on your high traffic website or blog. If you have a website which get a considerable amount of traffic you could charge various businesses for placing their ads on your website. Since your site gets a number of visitors the ads will increase visibility of the companies which are being advertised. The more traffic you receive on your site the more you can charge for the ad space.


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