What is Clickbank And How Can You Make Money Using It?

What is Clickbank And How Can You Make Money Using It?

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network on the Internet. It brings together affiliates and vendors so that affiliates can make money promoting the vendors’ merchandise. In essence it acts as a middle man. It also offers statistics and a payments processing platform to its clients, which is loved by many people because it’s transparent. ClickBank is different from other affiliates in that it specializes in downloadable products such as eBooks. It’s actually the biggest and most popular site of its kind on the net and makes a lot of profit. There’s a huge variety of products and commissions from 10% up to as high as 70%. ClickBank has more than 10,000 products on sale, in different categories.

To use ClickBank you need to register first as an affiliate or vendor. If you register as an affiliate you can start promoting products on your website or blog. Whenever someone clicks the affiliate link you got from ClickBank (which is embedded on your page) and buys a product, you get a commission for the sale. You affiliate ID is automatically tracked and handler by the ClickBank software so you always get the commission that’s owed to you.

ClickBank gives you statistics of the number of people who clicked on your links, how many people bought something and how many asked for a refund after buying your products. This is one of the reasons it’s so well-loved. In order to get a decent amount of visits to your site you have to have a well-designed and captivating site to host the affiliate links.

Promoting ClickBank products is best done via niche websites in which you can embed and recommend them, and it won’t seem like a blatant advert. You can also market via email, social media or articles. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. ClickBank probably won’t make you a millionaire, but if you know how to handle it you can make a pretty decent sum of money as an affiliate marketer. You can also register your products as a vendor and sell them via ClickBank.

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